Revenue Operations as a Service

We design, build and execute your Go-To-Market Strategy.
A full RevOps team, at a fraction of the cost.

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The Problem

As you grow, your Revenue Operations become increasingly complex

These are some issues you are likely running into:

A RevOps team of 1 limits your growth

It is rare to find someone who can both lead the strategic aspects of GTM planning, and execute the operational side of RevOps (i.e. systems admin, data analytics, process, enablement).

You need a team of experts, but finding, hiring and retaining in-house RevOps talent takes time and is expensive.

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Buying tools is easy, setting them up the right way is not

As you grow, you will likely acquire different tools across your Marketing, Sales, CS and Finance departments to bring efficiency to your business.

You need to make sure all systems are integrated, well managed, and operate on a central layer of data for revenue to flow through your organization.

Maintaining growth becomes harder when you scale your business

As your company expands, scaling your GTM strategies efficiently can become very complex. The challenges of aligning increasingly diverse teams, processes, and technology can slow down your growth and reduce operational efficiency.

Make sure your GTM strategies are tested before making costly mistakes.

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Our Solution

Access a team of experts in all areas of Revenue Operations for full GTM support

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GTM Strategy

We help you design a new or refine your existing GTM strategy to drive predictable revenue, reduce costs, and maximize profitability.

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RevOps Execution

Get all required RevOps skills and expertise in one team. We cover all of your RevOps and GTM needs for less than a full time hire.  

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Custom Projects

Do you have a specific need or challenge? We help with implementations, customizations or data projects.

Experience the Benefits of
Revenue Operations as a Service

Rapid deployment, ability to scale, and extensive experience, all without breaking the bank

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Accelerate Setup

Building a RevOps team in-house can take up anywhere from 6 months to a year. We can get you set up in just a few weeks, with ready-to-use templates that work for your industry.

Reduce Cost

A full RevOps team (Strategist, Systems Admin, Data Analyst and Enablement Manager) can easily costs $500K+ annually. We offer this expertise at a fraction of that, while keeping things fully flexible.

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Scale Efficiently

As you grow from $1M to $10M, or $10M to $100M  ARR, your RevOps needs evolve. We will balance this for you, adding resources without you needing to hire or retrain.

Ensure Objectivity

In-house teams can be biased due to reporting structures or internal politics. We deliver objective insights, highlighting issues that internal teams might miss or avoid discussing. Decisions should serve the company's best interests, not just specific groups or individuals.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Revora Tools we work with

We work with the Tools You Already use

Our expertise spans a wide array of industry-leading tools, ensuring that whatever is in your current tech stack, we are equipped to jump in.

By leveraging our experience with these platforms, we ensure that your RevOps setup aligns perfectly with the tools you already trust, enhancing your Go-to-Market strategies without the learning curve.

Full Revenue Operations Support

Snap Starter
Per month
10% off for yearly subscription
  • Consultation and assessment

  • Core SaaSnap template

  • Basic customization options

  • Email support

  • Standard support

Snap Business
Per month
10% off for yearly subscription
  • Full access to all templates

  • Custom branding options

  • 24/7 premium support

  • Advanced integration options

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Enhanced support

  • White-label solutions

Snap Pro
Per month
10% off for yearly subscription
  • Everything in the Startup Plan

  • Extended customization options

  • Access to premium templates

  • Priority support

  • Consultation and assessment

RevOps as a Service
GTM Strategy
Ideal for: companies looking to develop or refine their GTM strategy to drive sustainable, strategic growth.
  • Product Pricing
    & Positioning

  • Customer Journey mapping

  • ICP Definition

  • Channel Strategy

  • Capacity Planning

  • Comp Plan Design

  • Much More

RevOps as a Service
RevOps Execution
Ideal for: companies that need hands-on execution of RevOps tasks to enhance efficiency and scalability.
  • Systems Management/ Administration

  • KPI Dashboards & Reporting

  • Territory Design

  • Lead Management

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Customer Success Integration

  • Much More

Custom Project
Ideal for: companies that need specialized assistance on one-off projects.
  • System Integrations

  • Data Migrations

  • Workflow Automation

  • Custom Tool Development

  • Specific Data Analysis

Hear from our Customers

Customer Image

"The Revora team transformed our RevOps capacity over a 3 month journey. It is driving real impact and we couldn't be happier with the results!"

Joe Root
VP, Revenue Operations
Customer Image

"Thanks to their expert guidance on GTM strategy and operational execution, we've seen a significant uptick in efficiency and revenue."

Rumia Joi
Director, Demand Gen
Customer Image

"Their hands-on approach and deep understanding of systems integration have been game-changers for our business operations."

Mike R.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can RevOps as a Service benefit my business?
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How do you ensure the safety and privacy of our data?
I already have a CRM and other tools in place. Can I still integrate RevOps?
How do you stay informed about what's going on in our company?

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